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Michał Ciechomski

Film Director






I am focused on difficult topics, stories telling about global changes, often with a transcendental and mystical meaning.

I was one of the two directors of the documentary White Chief in production. An international film taking place in Europe and Africa, co-financed by the Polish Film Institute and the European Media Group.


In a feature film, I am interested in the genre of black comedy and surrealism. I often touch upon topics related to family, ecology and the loss of the individual in the capitalist world.

I have been nominated many times at the largest Polish and foreign festivals, such as: Krakow Film Festival, Młodzi i Film in Koszalin, Moscow Shorts or the Feature Film Festival in Gdynia. The film "Love" was taken under the care of the Krakow Film Foundation in 2020, thanks to which it gained the opportunity for wider foreign promotion.


I am a Papaya Young Directors laureate of the 2018 edition, a competition aimed at young filmmakers.
I was also a video producer and assistant director

on a large theatrical project "Es war einmal ... das Lebe"

at the Schauspiel Staatstheater theater in Hanover,

dir. Łukasz Twarkowski.


I prepare the graphic design for my films. I believe that a film work is also a way of communicating with viewers, and the process of dialogue with the creator begins with the poster.


Michał Ciechomski

Film director and scriptwriter with 4 years continuous experience. I graduated in Film Directing from Krzysztof Kieslowski  Film School in Katowice. In the meantime I also gratued in Aviation and Cosmonautics from Warsaw University of Technology. During the period of studies I made several movies, commercials and worked with Polish main filmmakers: Władysław Pasikowski, Maciej Pieprzyca, Filip Bajon, Krzysztof Zanussi. Currently I am focused on working as a director of feature and documentary movies.

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